Roof Claims.. ? How It Works

KAC Construction is more than a roofing company. With roofing projects having a lot of moving parts, our mission is to make it as
simple and painless as possible for you, the property owner. We do that by handling every single job from beginning to end.

Free Roof Inspection

step #1

Free Roof Inspection

Whether you’ve already received an inspection from your insurance company or another roofing company, KAC Construction will always perform our own professional roof inspection to verify findings for potential Roof claims 
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Choose KAC Construction for Your Roof Claims

Once your roof inspection is completed, KAC Construction can proceed with service.

Choosing KAC Construction

Financial Decisions

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Insurance Claim, Cash, or Financing..?

Whether you’re filing an insurance claim, paying cash, or are using our new roof financing option, we’ll make sure the payment, contract, and claim process is smooth and secure.
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KAC Construction, Roof Replacement Process

We use only registered contractor to do your roof replacement and one of our manager will be on site supervising the project, that many times involve repair and painting water damages.

Getting Your Roof Done

Roof Completion

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Finalization of the project.

Our manager will show you pictures of the entire roof replacement process and will walk with you around the property to perform a final inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions provides a 2-year labor warranty in addition to the warranty provided by the manufacturer. The warranty is valid for 2 years only. shall assume all costs to repair and/or replace any imperfection due to its failure to install the work in a professional manner.

The warranty excludes the following events outside the scope of the contract:

Failure of the homeowner to maintain the roofing system
Vandalism and/or acts of sabotage
Damage caused by additional projects, repairs, or construction to the property not performed by
Acts of God (including but not limited to wind, lightning, hurricane, tornado, hailstorm, sinkholes, impact of foreign objects, and other naturally occurring events)

You can expect to receive your warranty package from by email 10 business days after you have paid in full.

Dealing with insurance companies can be confusing and stressful. Therefore, it is’s mission to make the roof replacement process as easy as possible for you, We will integrate a with a public adjuster to make negotiation with the insurance company hassle-free and easy for you to follow. 

Here is a step by step breakdown of our process: We examine your roof and check for any potential wind or storm damage. If damage is detected, We will integrate a public adjuster in the process, the public adjuster will meet you to collect more information like date of event (storm date), Type of damage (wind, hail, leaks, etc.), Condition of the house (Is the home livable/unlivable?) after that the public adjuster will file a claim for you and the process begin.

If you need any emergency services? (tarp) If a tarp is needed we will send a contractor to install it for you and the bill will be send to the insurance company., we  will keep you informed of the entire process, claim number and Inspection schedule.

The insurance company will assign an adjuster to perform an inspection of the damage, that insurance adjuster will meet with our public adjuster at your property to negotiate the details of your claim, our public adjuster do not work for the insurance company, work for us and will negotiate for you to get the most of your insurance claim to the full coverage of your insurance policy.

Once the claim is approved and all homeowner responsibilities (deductible, HOA approval, etc.) are met, we will pull permits, order materials, and add you to the install schedule. The homeowner is responsible for paying the deductible. The deductible is due on the first day of install. After the install, we will process all the documents required by your insurance company in order to have the remainder of the claim paid out. The warranty package will be sent (via email) 10 business days after the claim has been paid in full.

The Notice of Commencement (NOC) documentation can be completed 10 business days after the final payment on the account is received. This allows the payment to clear both banks without returning. The title company will need to send a form called the Contractor’s Final Affidavit for to complete. Once that form is filled out the NOC can be terminated by the title company. specializes in full roof replacements. A Wind Mitigation Inspection can only be completed by someone who has the required specialized license. does not have this license and therefore cannot complete the inspection.


In the event of an emergency and a tarp is required, please follow these steps: If your roof is leaking prior to your date of install, please contact our office immediately a (401)837-6730. We do not install tarps; however we will suggest a company for you to contact. Be clear and provide adequate detail about the areas of concern. If possible, please take pictures of the leaking/damaged areas as this will be useful information when speaking to the tarp company. It is generally the homeowner’s responsibility to bill the insurance company for reimbursement of the tarp costs. Please be sure to ask the company you’ve chosen for their exact process.

Since each claim is different, the length of the determination process varies. Insurance companies may also be backed up if they are receiving an influx of claims. policy is to follow up with your insurance company at a minimum of every 3-5 days to ensure everything is moving along properly and smoothly. A call from the insured can usually help the process move faster as well.