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From initial quote to final invoice, we take care of our contractors.

Join our Elite Contractor Nexus to access a project portal, install-ready jobs, and a team of likeminded, success-driven professionals.

At RoofClaim.biz, we can help you cut stress, save time, and build up your business.

How RoofClaim.biz Helps Contractors

In exchange for top-notch professionalism and customer service, we provide consistent growth opportunities. The bottom line? You take care of our customers, and we’ll take care of you!

As a member of the RoofClaim.biz Contractor Nexus, you’ll get:

Install-Ready Jobs

Unlike similar organizations, we don’t sell leads. We connect you with ready-to-install jobs in your area, so you can get to work and make money.

Local Job Search

Search our portal for jobs within any area, targeting your most profitable neighborhoods.

Reduced Overhead

Hiring, training, and managing sales teams costs time and money. Join our nexus and focus on more profitable pursuits.

Timely Payment

We pay our contractors within hours of the customer accepting the job.

Automated Communications

Streamline your customer communications and save hours on tedious administrative tasks.

Our process centers on technology, speed, and convenience for the customer and the contractor. We stay abreast of new technologies to give your local business an edge in productivity, installation quality, and customer trust.